Church of the Open Bible
PO Box 88
105 S. Main Street
Athens, Maine   04912
Sunday School   9:30 AM
In our Sunday School hour we provide classes for all ages. Practical, relevant
instruction is from the Bible by caring, competent teachers. There is nursery care
provided for the very young ones.   The Adult classes are conducted in a relaxed
setting where beverages and pastries are enjoyed as verse by verse instruction from
the Word of God is given. An opportunity is made available for questions and student
ideas.   All the material for the Sunday School is Bible based. It is both interesting and
true to the Sacred text.
Morning Worship 10:45 AM
During our worship service we provide a mixture of worship music, prayer, and
expository preaching from the Word of God. It is our desire as we come together
during this time that God would speak to each of us according to our individual needs.
It is important that all of us return home knowing that we have met with the LORD.
Teen Ministry   4:45
Our Teen Ministry is marked by fun, games and other activities.  The instruction from
God's Word is practical to the everyday life of our teens.
Small Group Bible Study   4:45 PM
Small Group Bible Studies will meet at the church and at various homes.

CenterShot will also meet at 4:45 PM
ROC Club  Sunday 4:45 PM             
Our Children's Program
3 Years of Age to Grade 6
We have found a special benefit to providing our children a weeknight program that
compliments our Sunday School ministry.  During this time our children are the
singular focus.
ROC Club is a high energy youth program for children.  In a moral, spiritual, and
patriotic environment it gives children the opportunity to:
Sing - Play Games - Memorize Bible Verses
- Develop a Devotional Life
Perhaps your children would enjoy a weeknight club atmosphere.  We count it a
privilege to offer this very excellent club to the children of our area.
Prayer meeting   Thursday 6:30 PM
It is our purpose to give the focus of this meeting to prayer. While there will be a brief
challenge from the Word of God, the singular intent of this gathering is to stir up
ourselves to take hold of the LORD (Isaiah 64:7) The genuine work of this congregation
takes place during this time. All that we do of lasting worth is the result of the
effectiveness of our corporate prayer life. We believe that prayer is intended to be
effectual and that corporate agreement in prayer is the prayer of greatest affect. The
place of power and influence in this church is not found in the elected offices but in
hearts bowed low before the Lord as a congregation together.